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Monday, January 22, 2018 10:14 am
Rogue Productions
Rogue Productions

Going Rogue.

Hello. We are Rogue Productions. The newest of the many new theatre companies in Houston, TX. But seriously. We're brand spankin' new.

Rogue Productions was started by Chelsea Ryan McCurdy and Rachael Logue. Both native Houstonians, both performers, both badasses. Inspired by the growing theatre scene in Houston, we took the next step into making our own contribution to the awesome swirling vortex of art here in our home town. We are dedicated to equality both on stage and behind the scenes as we begin producing high quality theatre. We also strive to pay artists a fair wage.


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Rogue Productions

Touch(ed) By Bess Wohl

Kay loves her older sister Emma. Or is it Christina? Christine? Matilda? After spending eight years institutionalized and medicated, Emma has changed more than just her name. Determined to get back the brilliant sister she remembers, Kay rents a cabin in the woods and she and her boyfriend Billy hide the sharp objects, from butcher knife to cheese grater. Perhaps quality time with loved ones, some home-cooked meals and games of Scrabble will succeed in restoring Emma to health where her psychiatrists have failed. In its Houston Premiere, Bess Wohl's lively, tender play explores the scope, limits, and sometimes dangerous side effects of familial love.

Rogue Productions
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